Many Worlds, One Museum.

Blackhawk Media completes comprehensive strategic re-branding for Blackhawk Museum

World-Class Bay Area Museum Builds Brand with Blackhawk Media

Founded in 1988 by Ken Behring and Don Williams, the Blackhawk Museum began as the crown jewel of the exclusive Bay Area community of Blackhawk. Over time, their museum of priceless and one-of-a-kind automobiles expanded and with the addition of new galleries the museum faced a unique challenge: How can we capture and project the essence of our institution, build broad awareness of our new galleries, and attract visitors to our museum?

In close partnership with Blackhawk Media, the museum team, led by David Behring, President, quickly mobilized to architect a master brand strategy to inform a complete branding program.

Many Worlds. One Museum Captures the Wonder of Blackhawk Museum

After exploring the incredible galleries and gathering for a spirited brainstorming session, the brand position emerged: in a flash. "This museum is truly unlike any museum we've seen in the world," said Eric Vejby, Blackhawk Media Partner, who leads brand strategy and digital marketing. "We shared this 'AHA!' moment. Stepping between the Classic Car Collection, Spirit of the Old West, Art of Africa, Into China, and the World of Nature, it was clear that we had visited Many Worlds. One Museum!" The positing stuck on the spot and we had a treatment, design, and full symphonic score perfected in three days!!"

"Like all great museums we've visited around the world, we understood the unique magic of this world-class museum," said Matt Moses, Cinematographer, Storyteller and design lead for the museum brand project. "So much dedication and passion went into the build of the museum. It has so much to offer, we knew it deserved our best efforts to help bring it to the world!"

“It was clear we had experienced Many Worlds, One Museum...On the spot and we had a treatment, design, and full symphonic score perfected in three days! "

Major projects completed in support of the new Blackhawk Museum Brand:
  • Master Brand strategy, logo and treatment in static and digital formats
  • Complete "Blackhawk Museum Symphony" composition, including scored variations for each gallery
  • Full system of iconography and color system for each gallery
  • Banners and signage designs
  • Gallery tour video instructional content
  • 60-second commercial campaign for five galleries, for broadcast and digital distribution
  • 60-second commercial for broadcast on PBS
  • Radio advertising spot
  • Complete website redesign, optimized for mobile and responsive environments
  • Event videography

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