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Our offices
Our studio suite at Blackhawk Media is located in the beautiful Blackhawk Plaza in Danville, CA
4125 Blackhawk Plaza Circle
Suite 103
Danville, CA 94506
office: +1 (925) 820-0300
mobile: +1 (925) 989-7282

Our Creative Team Directors

Matt Moses
Cinematographer & Touchscreen Content Specialist

Matt brings over 20 years of experience in Film, Television, and Videogames to his work with Blackhawk Media.
Matt's visual effects experience of 17 years in the industry and production business has allowed Matt to lead visual effects teams worldwide in the creation of a robust and organized visual effects naming system and production pipeline. Matt's experience in design, animation, and coding was imperative in the creation of the newest
Wildscape Systems 2.0 touchscreen.

Matt and his visual effects team at Red Sea Visuals create original content that never stops. His relentless pursuit of perfection separates Matt from the rest. Incorporating his cinematic approach to touchscreen content, he sets new visual standards for our clients.
mobile: +1 (510) 258-8885
Brad Melton
Lead Installer

30 year AV expert, and Lead Installer for Blackhawk Media, Brad has headed up both commercial and private theatre installations including the Wildscapes installation at the Blackhawk Museum's World of Nature. Brad's work includes our founder's private music studios and custom projects. Brad's attention to detail and passion for immersive audio experiences makes Brad the perfect technician to deliver the intricate vision of the Wildscape Systems innovative designs.
mobile: +1 (510) 816-9372
Pat Rickey
Founder, Composer, & Immersive Sound Designer

Pat founded Blackhawk Media in 2019 with the intention to service its local business community with video and music. As a Composer, Sound Designer, and private studio owner, Pat's Downpat Music company client list includes industry leading national brands providing advertising on TV.

Blackhawk Media's first local client included the Blackhawk Museum. After the completion of multiple videos and short advertisements for the museum, Blackhawk Media was presented with a challenge, and that is, could we design and install a speaker system and an immersive soundscape for their newest gallery, The World of Nature. After extensive development and testing, an immersive sound system was born, to become known as Wildscape Systems. Receiving rave reviews, the Wildscapes sound system attracted national attention.

Since then, our team went to work on Wildscapes 2.0 which enables the addition of  touchscreen to control both sound and lights inviting the visitor to be the "conductor of their own experience."

Pat's passion for music, sound, and studio quality speaker installations came together making Pat the perfect visionary to what has become Blackhawk Media's focus product we call Wildscape Systems.
office: +1 (925) 820-0300
mobile: +1 (925) 989-7282
Blackhawk's Immersive Audio Group
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