From the Heart - Wheelchair Foundation - Blackhawk Media Proudly Shares their Mission

December 1, 2020

From the Heart School Program is part of the Wheelchair Foundation, based in Danville CA.  Their mission is to raise awareness about the need for mobility in the world, to sensitize students and teachers to the issues faced by people with intellectual/developmental and physical disabilities, and to raise funds to provide wheelchairs for those in need.

Since the inception of the Wheelchair Foundation in 2000, the Wheelchair Foundation has distributed more than 1,080,000 wheelchairs to over 155 countries around the world.  Each wheelchair costs $150 to manufacture (in China) and deliver to a developing country.  280 wheelchairs fit into an ocean freight container so their annual goal is to raise at least $42,000 each year.

"The teams with From the Heart and the Wheelchair Foundation are true heroes who transform lives through their work," said Eric Vejby, Digital Marketing Manager at Blackhawk Media. "It was truly an honor to partner with them and help to get their story told."

The commercial spot, produced at Blackhawk Media Studios included a moving original score created and performed by Pat Rickey.

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