Blackhawk Museum Comes to Life with Wildscape Systems Sound Design

August 31, 2020

Blackhawk Media is proud to announce the completion of our Wildscape Systems installation at Blackhawk Museum, an immersive three-dimensional sound experience (engineered and deployed by Blackhawk Media) that brings the museum's extensive collection of more than 600 animal specimens to life.

From the Great Migration, to roaring elephants, to growling bears, the sophisticated sound design at Blackhawk Museum supports their educational mission and under the direction of biologists and scientists, the gallery will give students and visitors of all ages an up-close and personal view of animals from ecosystems in Africa, North and South America, the Arctic, Asia, and more. Additional collections showcase everything from reptiles to fish and even dinosaurs!

Over a period of several months, Blackhawk Media developed, mastered and engineered curated sounds from nature, blending them into a symphony of sound. The net result replicates being outdoors in the Earth's awesome ecosystems, giving visitors a stunning and memorable experience.

We are exceptionally proud of our partnership with the Blackhawk Museum team and look forward to their efforts to inspire and motivate young people to better understand and work to protect the natural world.

Blackhawk's Immersive Audio Group
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