Blackhawk Media Wildscape Systems Featured with Blackhawk Museum World of Nature in Alamo Today & Danville Today News

November 2, 2020

In the Alamo Today and Danville Today News article, "World of Nature: A Total Immersion Experience at Blackhawk Museum" Jody Morgan highlights the immersive "multi-dimensional experience" achieved through wild animal ecosystem displays and Wildscape sound design from Blackhawk Media. "The multi-dimensional experience puts people in close proximity to animals from around the world, captured in timeless expressions of natural interactions in their native habitats. It also immerses gallery visitors in a symphony of authentic sounds, transporting them to remote corners of the earth and its oceans."

"We are extremely proud of our collaboration with the team at Blackhawk Museum and the educational experience this Gallery will deliver for visitors around the world for years to come," said Matt Moses, Acoustic Engineer for Wildscape Systems. "The team spent countless hours with these animals and sounds and its especially gratifying to hear them synchronized in the live space of the Museum!"

With current COVID restrictions, tickets, timed for social distancing, are available for Saturdays and Sundays only, from

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