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Eric Vejby
Director, Digital Marketing
As Director, Digital Marketing, and Partner at Blackhawk Media, Eric Vejby (Vi-Bee) brings to the team his 25-plus years of experience in key communications roles at leading billion-dollar Silicon Valley companies, including Adaptec, NetApp, JDSU, and Viavi Solutions. In those roles, he was responsible for managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets that included strategy, production, and governance of digital content, including video programming, channels, thought leadership, Social, and brand strategy. Eric has held a wide variety of strategic communications and creative management roles ranging from Web, brand, editorial, PR, exhibiting, and marcom positions as well as strategic consulting to leaders in the financial technology, legal, culinary, and commercial building industries. Eric is a California native and spends his free time making music with his friends and fishing for trout, kayaking, and trekking in his Jeep through the Sierra Nevada’s with his family and loyal goldendoodle, Mr. Cocoa.
Pat Rickey
Founder & Composer
Pat formed Blackhawk Media in 2019 and as Composer, he provides soundscapes, soundtracks, and scoring for a variety of clients including the Blackhawk Museum. Pianist, composer, and music producer, Pat Rickey founded Downpat Music in 1986, composing music for hundreds of TV commercials and soundtracks broadcast world wide in more than 78 countries for clients including 3M, AIG, Humana, Cuisinart, and NordicTrack. ‍Since then, Rickey was founder and producer of Secret Gardens Records, recording world-renowned jazz artists including the late great Dick Hindman and created piano for film libraries distributed through Warner Chappel Music, and has produced music for over 350 commercials globally - producing more than 200,000 hours on air and greater than $2 billion in sales. Pat resides in Danville with his family and enjoys the outdoors.
Matt Moses
Cinematographer & Storyteller
As Partner at Blackhawk Media, Matt brings a unique blend of digital art, filmmaking, and business/technology expertise to our clients, rounding out our media generation capabilities as a modern digital filmmaker and corporate storyteller. Matt has been involved in the creation of digital video and media for over 35 years. Born with a deep interest in cinematography, he has traveled the world to create interesting stories about technology and people for some of the tech world's biggest brands. Matt also spent 8 years in the visual effects industry, creating lighting and particle systems effects for numerous film and TV projects. During that time, Matt was a Senior Lighting Technical Director and created over 600 shots for many AAA videogame cinematics, including Nickelodeon MonkeyQuest, Rainbow Six: Las Vegas, Prince of Persia, Ghostbusters, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, League of Legends, and many others. In addition, Matt has a background in IT and enterprise software sales. ‍Matt resides in the East Bay hills and enjoys free time with his wife and two boys.
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