Blackhawk Media Unveils New 3D Sound - Wildscape Systems

June 17, 2020

In their ongoing pursuit of "all things cool" in the creative production space, the team at Blackhawk Media is proud to present their newest offering: Wildscape Systems. Through the combination of sophisticated, ruggedized hardware and amplification and an array of premium "biologically accurate" speaker arrays, the team has successfully delivered a realistic, powerful, and immersive nature sound capability. This system is ideal for museums, attractions, and anyone seeking to "bring the outside in" for entertainment and educational applications.

"We spent a great deal of time engineering our approach to Wildscape Systems," said Matt Moses, Partner and Cinematographer at Blackhawk Media. "Our approach to reproducing nature in wild places stemmed from deep research into the physiology of animals and how they create sound ... right down to mimicking the size of their voice boxes. The result is extremely real and accurate."

Pat Rickey, Founder and Partner at Blackhawk Media took the approach as a composer, "Considering nature as a symphony of sound, there are many distinct layers of sounds that, like instruments in an orchestra, fit together musically. With our new technology, all of the individual frequencies are balanced and the experience is so familiar to our ears. It's incredibly powerful."

The first planned installation of Wildscape Systems will be for the soon-to-be-opened "World of Nature" gallery at the Blackhawk Museum and will be deployed to recreate the voices of more than 600 unique animals and their ecosystems from around the world.

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