Blackhawk Media Celebrates First Year of Business!

October 27, 2020

Despite the challenging global business landscape, impacted by the COVID pandemic, Blackhawk Media hit a major milestone today: one year of successful business! "From our partnerships with outstanding clients, Blackhawk Media had an excellent first year," said Eric Vejby, Digital Marketing Director and Partner. "Collaboration and creative strategy really fueled our success and we were able to provide exceptional value in everything we produced."

Matt Moses, Cinematography and Storyteller, noted the opportunity to develop new technology with Blackhawk Museum as a key highlight. "The team at Blackhawk Museum was instrumental in our research to develop Wildscape Technology. Their World of Nature exhibit is already receiving rave reviews from visitors who experienced our deeply immersive, 3-dimensional nature sounds and we look forward to extending this capability to additional museums and client installations in the coming year."

"Music and composition really tied everything together for Blackhawk Media in our first year," said Pat Rickey, Founder and Composer. "The impact of a powerful music score elevated the impact of our visuals, Branding, and strategic messaging. In the coming months, we are excited to unveil work in progress that will continue to propel the success of our agency and our clients!"

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