Lexus Redefines The Color Blue

Blackhawk Media delivers global campaign cinematography in close partnership with Dentsu Global

Capturing the Science Behind the Magic

Groundbreaking innovation is what makes Lexus one of the biggest-selling luxury auto brands in the world - and that innovation is expressed through engineering and creative design on many fronts - including the color of the cars themselves. Inspired by the intense blue effect of the Amazon's Morpho Butterfly, Lexus partnered with Viavi Solutions to create Structural Blue pigment, a breakthrough in color engineering.

Bringing this new color to the market - exclusive to the Lexus LC 500 - required a global campaign to build awareness and demand. Dentsu Japan retained the services of Blackhawk Media to complete the industrial production cinematography and testimonial interviews to be integrated in their commercial.

Marvels of Science Combined to Create Magic

Following a multiple-step process, spanning massive machinery and teams of highly-skilled hands, Blackhawk Media's Matt Moses artfully captured each scene, contrasting scale with micro-detailed operations. "The key for success for our clients was providing the maximum value, shot by shot, and capturing stunning, broadcast-worthy imagery," said Matt Moses. "We were extremely gratified when Dentsu used nearly all of our cinematography in the final campaign. The launch was massively successful and we were very happy with the results."

“The key for success for our clients was providing the maximum value, shot by shot, and capturing stunning, broadcast worthy imagery.”

Blackhawk Media produced a photoreal model of the LC500 Structural Blue series, as shown here. Special rendering shaders were built to mimic the unique reflective characteristics of this unique paint., and custom visual effects were created to convey PPG's step-by-step repair procedures.

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